UK Start Up Visa

The Start-up Visa enables you to come to the UK and establish your business if you have a business idea that is innovative, viable, and scalable.

You don’t have to meet any academic or financial obligations to be eligible for this type of visa. However, you must be able to demonstrate that you have the skills to set up or manage your business once you are in the UK.

The Start-up Visa is an immigrant visa, which means that you can use it to apply for permanent settlement once you meet other eligibility requirements.

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General Requirements for Startup Visa UK

You must several requirements to be eligible for a Startup Visa. Here is a look at these:

  • Age: You must be at least 18 years of age when you apply for the visa.
  • Business Idea Potential: Your business idea must have genuine potential. This is judged by measuring the idea against three key criteria: innovation, viability, and scalability.
  • Valid Endorsement: You must have received an endorsement from an approved endorsing body. Any endorsing body typically checks a business idea against the three criteria listed above before approving it. An endorsement you have received must not be more than three months old when you apply for your visa.
  • Relevant Skills: You must have the relevant set of skills to be able to set up, manage, and run your business once you are in the UK.
  • Financial Means: You must have the cash funds necessary to support yourself after you come to the UK. This is to ensure that you won’t have to seek public funds.
  • English Language Proficiency: You must prove that you meet a certain minimum level of English language proficiency. For a Startup Visa UK, this minimum standard is B2 level.

You may also need to meet certain other requirements to be eligible for the London Start Up Visa. It is best to consult our entrepreneurship visa consultants UK to see which requirements specifically apply to your London start up visa application.

Being a leading UK visa consultant in Pakistan, we offer tailored advice and guidance for all types of UK visas and immigration routes.

Business Idea Requirements

As noted above, a Startup Visa is typically meant for stand-out business ideas. Your business idea must several criteria to be eligible.

You must get an endorsement for your business idea from an approved body before you can apply for the visa. Here is a list of endorsing bodies maintained by the UK government.

Any endorsing body will judge your business idea for the relevant criteria before approving it. Here are the things an endorsing entity will typically consider when reviewing your idea:

  • Innovation: The business idea must embody some form of innovation and offer something new. It may be an improvement on something that already exists, or be an altogether new idea.
  • Viability: An idea can be great and still not viable for practical reasons. This criterion measures the possibility of turning the idea into a real business which can achieve its stated goals.
  • Scalability: Is it possible to take your business idea beyond the lab or the incubator and at a larger stage in the coming days? Scalability checks your idea for the potential to grow and expand.
  • Stage: Is your business idea in its earliest stage? Have you already set up your business outside the UK? In any case, your business must not have started trading yet by the time you seek a Startup Visa. An endorsing body will consider the current business status before offering its approval.

You can choose from the list of endorsing bodies to get approval from a relevant organization or business. Once you have the primary endorsement, your business idea is eligible for the Startup Visa.

The endorsing body will continue to periodically review your business and determine if genuine progress is taking place. To this end, the endorsing body will issue an endorsement after 6, 12, and 24 months.

This is to ensure that your idea is moving towards the practical culmination of achieving real business goals in the UK.

It is best to have your business idea reviewed by a reliable UK visa consultant such as Adam Bernard.

Our Start Up visa consultants confidentially review your idea and provide you with experienced feedback on whether or not your business idea has the potential to qualify for a London start up visa. You can also seek our advice for other UK visas and immigration options.

How to Choose the Right Endorsing Body?

The list maintained by the Home Office contains a large number of endorsing bodies based in the UK. These include business incubators, universities, investment entities, and more. It is important to choose the right endorsing body when seeking a Startup Visa UK from Pakistan.

The best kind of endorsing body is one that is specifically relevant to your business area. You must also look for an endorsement from a business or organization that not only offers approval but also offers support in developing your idea.

If you are not sure which endorsing body to choose, you can consult the entrepreneurship visa consultants UK at Adam Bernard.

Being a leading UK visa consultant firm in Pakistan, we help you meet the business idea requirements by choosing the right endorsing body. Our start up visa consultants also offer guidance on how best to meet the requirements for other UK visas and immigration options.

What if my Startup Visa is Rejected?

There are many reasons why a Startup Visa UK may get rejected. The common grounds for rejection include:

  • Incomplete Application: If you do not fill out all the required details on your application, the Home Office may turn it down. In most cases, however, the Home Office will give you a chance to provide the missing details.
  • Insufficient Evidence: You are required to provide evidence to substantiate your identity, business details, and other aspects of your application. If you fail to submit this evidence or the Home Office is unable to verify the evidence you have submitted, your application may be refused.
  • False Information: If you have filled out inaccurate information on your application form, this can lead to immediate rejection.
  • Criminal Background: If you have criminal offenses on your previous record, these may cause your visa application to be turned down.
  • Previous Immigration Offenses: The Home Office takes a serious view of immigration breaches. If you have any such breaches on your past record, these may be grounds for rejection.

If your visa is rejected, you receive a rejection letter from the Home Office. This letter details the reasons for the rejection and also provides you with your options moving forward.

If you are allowed to seek an administrative review of the decision to reject your visa application, it is best to apply for the review as soon as possible. If you submitted your application from Pakistan, you will typically have 28 days to apply for the review.

An application for an administrative review of your visa application’s rejection must be filed online. You are required to pay a fee of £80 for the review.

It is always a good idea to consult reliable Start Up Visa consultants before you submit your visa application. A qualified London Start Up Visa consultant will help you avoid common errors and mistakes. This improves your odds of receiving a favorable decision for your visa application.

Being a leading UK visa consultant, Adam Bernard offers tailored advice to help you ensure that your Startup Visa UK application is complete and accurate. We also provide guidance for other UK visas and immigration routes.

Visa Fees and Duration

The basic fee for a Startup Visa application from Pakistan is PKR 99,857. You must also pay the same fee if you have any dependents applying to join you. The dependents in this case can be a spouse or partner, and children.

If you are already in the UK on a different visa and wish to switch to the Startup Visa UK, you must pay a fee of £508. This same fee will apply to any dependents that are with you in the UK at the time you file your visa application.

In addition to the basic visa fee, you also have to pay an annual healthcare surcharge. This surcharge applies by the year, so the actual amount depends on the duration of your visa.

The maximum duration of a Startup Visa UK is 2 years. If your endorsing body withdraws the endorsement before this period, your visa immediately comes to an end. Even if you continue to receive valid endorsements, you can’t stay in the UK for over 2 years on a Startup Visa UK.

However, you can switch to another visa, such as the Innovator Visa, by the time your Startup Visa comes to an end. This is subject to an assessment and approval by an approved endorsing body in the UK.

You can consult our entrepreneurship visa consultants UK to know the precise amount of money you must pay as a part of your visa application.

Our Start Up Visa consultants carefully consider all the details of your application to create an accurate estimate. This helps you prepare your finances for the application. We are a leading UK visa consultant in Pakistan. You can also consult to understand your financial obligations for other UK visas and immigration options.

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