Corporate Law

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Corporate Law

At Adam Bernard, our corporate department have established themselves as one of the leading firms in Pakistan within this field.

We offer a wide range of legal services in the area of corporate & commercial law, dispute resolution, tax (direct & indirect) and intellectual property (IPR). Our client portfolio boasts major foreign and domestic corporations who we have provided legal advice to in order to establish/maintain their business interests in Pakistan.

We have extensive experience regarding the formation and operation of the corporation registration process in Pakistan…

Corporate Law Services;

  • Firm Formation
  • Employment Advice and Support
  • Legal opinion writing
  • Agency/Consultancy Agreements
  • Employment Contracts
  • Bankruptcy
  • Settlement
  • Service Agreements

The firm regularly represents clients before Pakistani courts in different cities and is currently handling numerous cases for domestic enforcement of foreign arbitration awards and judgments.

Arbitration in Pakistan:

The Statute The law of arbitration in Pakistan is contained in the Arbitration Act, 1940 (a pre-partition enactment, which continues in force). Its main features are summarised as under: The Act provides for three classes of arbitration: –

(a) arbitration without court intervention (Chapter II, sections 3-19);

(b) arbitration where no suit is pending, (but through court) (Chapter III, section 20)

(c) arbitration in suits (through court) (Chapter IV, sections 21-25).

Key Points:

  • The process is flexible;
  • There are no issues as to jurisdiction;
  • Arbitrators are neutral;
  • Based on
  •  procedural corporate expertise, arbitrators can be appointed;
  • Since the arbitration proceedings will not be conveyed, the parties should be able to avoid the adversative publicity which usually follows litigation, so they may keep it confidential;

Where a court judgment is commonly subject to rights of appeal to higher appeal courts, an arbitration award is normally final.

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