About Us

Who We Are

Adam Bernard Barristers & Advocates is a pioneer in legal services in Pakistan. We are passionate in our pursuit of justice and strive to ensure that the rights of our clients are upheld in accordance with Pakistan and international law. We have harnessed a formidable reputation and as a result have expanded our services, holding a large portfolio of clients, both individuals and businesses, from all over the world.

What We Do

No challenge is too big for the departments at Adam Bernard. What sets our firm apart from others in our field is that we do not shirk the responsibility of holding authorities to account. We represent a mixture of individuals and businesses, ensuring the advice that we provide is tailored to meet the needs and wishes of our clients.

We are a passionate, dedicated, astute team of legal professionals with expertise across a wide variety of legal practice areas. If you feel that your rights are being infringed in any capacity, you deserve the best legal representation, and that is what we will provide. If you are not happy neither are, we, just ask the thousands of satisfied customers we have served over the years.

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Adam Bernard