Non -Lucrative Resident Permit

The Non-Lucrative Residence permit only allows you to reside in Spain. It does not come with the permit to realise an economic activity that would require registration with Spanish social security.

As such, this permit is especially interesting for people who do not work anymore or for those who receive their income from outside of Spain.

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The general requirements for this permit are:

  1. not an EU citizen, nor from any country to which the EU regime would be applicable
  2. not in Spain irregularly
  3. no criminal record in Spain and the previous countries of residence during the past 5 years
  4. not forbidden from entering into Spain and not rejectable in any of the countries with which Spain has a treaty
  5. not within the period of commitment of no return after having returned to their country of origin
  6. economic means: for the main applicant 2259,60 €/month, for each accompanying family member 564,90 €/month
  7. health insurance
  8. health certificate as per International Sanitary Ordinance of 2005

It is important to note that each Consulate and Embassy is free to ask for additional documents and accreditations which they usually do. Some ask for a lease agreement for a place to live in Spain, some ask for special proof of economic means. As part of our services, we provide you with the specific list of documents the Consulate in charge of your case asks for. 

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