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How to Apply For a UK Service Supplier Visa from Pakistan?

If you want to come to the UK as an overseas worker from Pakistan, you can choose from one of five Global Business Mobility (GBM) visas. One of these is the Service Supplier visa for UK.

This type of visa is meant for individuals who offer services to a UK-based sponsor. You can apply for this visa if you are a service provider, professional, service supplier working on a contract basis, or a self-employed individual outside the UK.

You can use this visa to come to the UK on a temporary basis and work on a specific task or project. The Service Supplier visa is a nonimmigrant visa, so it can’t be utilised in applying for a permanent residency or settled status in the UK. However, you may be able to switch to a different visa route once you are in the UK.

The job you intend to undertake after receiving your visa must be eligible under UK’s international trade agreements. This is a crucial requirement that must be met.

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Here is a look at some of the key requirements of the Service Supplier visa for UK.


Here are the key requirements you must fulfil to be eligible for a UK Service Supplier visa:

  • You must be an employee of an overseas employer working outside the UK and with no presence inside the UK. Alternatively, you can be a service-provider professional who is self-employed and works outside the UK.
  • The service you intend to provide your sponsor in the UK must be covered by one of UK’s international trade agreements.
  • Your UK sponsor must also meet specific requirements to be eligible. One key requirement is that a relevant international trade agreement by the UK must cover the sponsor. The sponsor must also have a valid License from the Home Office.
  • Job Eligibility. The job you intend to perform in the UK must be on the list of eligible occupations for GBM visas. This list is maintained by the Home Office.
  • Certificate of Sponsorship (CoS). Your sponsor must have issued you a CoS which must be valid at the time of your visa application.

You may also need to meet additional requirements to qualify for a UK Service Supplier. Our Service Supplier visa consultants can help you understand and fulfil these requirements.

Sponsorship Requirements for a Service Supplier Visa for UK

The Service Supplier visa is a sponsored visa. This means that you can apply for this visa only if a UK business or organisation acts as your sponsor.

Your UK sponsor must be registered with the Home Office and have a valid License as a sponsor. It must also have:

  • A valid contract with the overseas service supplier you work for or represent
  • The contact between your UK sponsor and overseas employer or company must be registered with the Home Office
  • The sponsor must have permission to invite workers from outside the UK for the intended job

Once you and your UK sponsor fulfil the relevant requirements, the sponsor can issue a Certificate of Sponsorship (CoS). You need a CoS to apply for the visa. This document lists your name, intended role in the UK, annual salary, work history, qualifications, and several other important details.

If you are not sure how to obtain a CoS from your UK sponsor, we can help you. The Service Supplier visa consultants at Adam Bernard can work with you to get a CoS and speed up your visa application process.

What Are the Financial Requirements?

You must also meet specific financial requirements to be eligible for a GBM visa. This requirement is based on the expectation that you will start receiving your salary one month after you start work in the UK. The financial requirements apply to this first month.

You must show that you have £1,270 or more to cover the costs of your first month in the UK. These funds must have been in your possession for at least 28 consecutive days out of the 31 days leading to your visa application.

Your UK sponsor can agree to meet this financial requirement, in which you will be exempt as an applicant.

How to Apply for a Service Supplier Visa for UK?

You can apply for the visa up to a maximum of 3 months before the starting date of your job. It is best to submit your application as early as possible. You then have plenty of time to respond in case the Home Office asks you for other details or documentation.

To apply for the UK Service Supplier visa, the application must be submitted online. You can submit it from both inside or outside the UK.

During the application process you must:

  • Provide a valid proof of identification such as a passport or another travel document
  • Provide the CoS reference number provided by your UK sponsor
  • Add a bank statement or other documentation to meet your financial obligations for the visa
  • Share evidence of your employment and work history
  • Provide biometric details
  • Attach documentation attesting your qualifications, such as an academic degree.

If you are applying from within the UK, the Home Office will take up to 8 weeks to process your application. For applications from outside the UK, it takes up to 3 weeks to receive a decision.

The actual duration can vary depending on whether or not your application is complete and accurate. Being a leading UK visa consultant in Pakistan, Adam Bernard can help you ensure that your application is free from errors or omissions at the time of submission.

Can I Apply Visa for My Dependents?

You can apply for your dependents to join you in the UK once you have a valid GBM visa. Your dependents may include your children or spouse.

You will be required to meet additional financial requirements if you want to apply visa for your dependents. If you are applying a visa for your spouse, you must prove that you have additional £285 cash funds.

When applying for a single child, you must meet £315 in cash fund requirements. If you have more than one child and want to apply a visa for them, you must show cash funds of £315 for the first child and additional £200 for each subsequent child.

Service Supplier Visa for UK Fees and Duration

The basic fee for the Service Supplier Visa is PKR 66,371 if you are applying from Pakistan. You may also have to pay an annual heathcare surcharge for each year of your stay in the UK. The standard healthcare surcharge amount for this visa category is £624 per year.

If you have one or more dependents joining you in the UK, you must pay the same application fee for each dependent.

The validity of a Service Supplier visa is typically six to twelve months. It is possible to seek an extension of your visa. However, that is possible only if:

  • You continue to work for the same sponsor
  • Your role remains the same and there is no change in the nature of your work

Whether you are applying for a GBM visa for the first time and want an extension, our UK visa consultants can help you.

Why Adam Bernard?

Adam Bernard is one of the leading UK visa consultants in Pakistan. We offer comprehensive advice and guidance on all types of UK visas and visa routes. These include the five GBM visas of which the Service Supplier visa is one.

When you are applying for a GBM visa, you must meet a rigorous set of requirements as noted above. If you don’t meet any of these requirements, the Home Office can turn down the visa application or ask you for additional details. This can lead to a refusal or long delays in the outcome.

Our experienced Service Supplier visa consultants help you avoid this by ensuring that you meet all the requirements for the visa. We also review your application to ensure that it is complete and free from any mistakes. This primes the application for a quick and positive outcome.

Our UK visa consultants offer guidance along every step of the visa application process. If you are not sure where to begin, you can consult us. If you have already applied and have received a response from the Home Office, we can guide you on how to proceed.

We can also help you explore your options if you have already received a refusal. In this case, we work with you to see whether you can seek a review of the decision.

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