Investment Visa

  • Otherwise know as the ‘golden visa’, this route enables applicants to gain Spanish citizenship at a potentially far quicker rate than the traditional visa routes. In order to qualify, the applicant will have to invest a minimum of €500,000 euros into Spanish real estate before entering the country. The applicant will be given 2 years residency for themselves and their families, with the potential of permanent residency after 5 years.
  • It is vital when making these applications that you are in the capable hands of our immigration advocates that will be able to advise you on both the investment opportunities within Spain and the requirements you will have to meet under this route. We have years of experience in this field which will ensure that your application stands the best chance of success.

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Visit Visa

  • In order to enter Spain as a visitor, an applicant will have to apply for a Schengen visa. This allows an applicant, where successful, to stay anywhere in the Schengen travel area for up to 90 days. As with visit visas for different countries, there are several reasons that one may be eligible for a visit visa to Spain. Whether you intend to go for the sole purpose of tourism, whether you intend to see family, or whether you are seeking entry for business purpose. Each of these examples can be facilitated through this visa.
  • As there are different reason for why someone may wish to obtain this visa, there are also different requirements and different sets of documents one will have to provide for each. In order to give your application the best chance of success, visit our office to ensure every aspect of your application is comprehensively covered

Work Visa

  • This broad category includes two sub-sections that are essentially different routes to obtain a work visa in Spain. One can apply for either long-term work visas or seasonal work visas. Whilst each permits the individual to stay in Spain for a different length of time, the requirements that one has to meet are roughly similar. The key requirement is that the applicant has a job offer from a job on the ‘shortage occupation list’. They will have to show that they have suitable finances for when they arrive, and also that they have somewhere sufficient to stay. In order to ensure your application stands the best prospect of success, please visit our office and have a advocate support you through the process.

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