Canada is a popular destination for those who are seeking to engage in business, travel or settle. There are numerous opportunities available for individuals. We at Adam Bernard will ensure that whatever your matter, your application will be handled comprehensively to ensure that you stand the best chance of success.

We have a wealth of experience in completing visa applications for individuals who seek entry to Canada under any of the following visa categories;

Provincial Nomination (PNP)

Unique to the Canadian immigration system, the PNP system means that individuals can be entitled to permanent residence if they are nominated by the province that they wish to move to. Such nominations are seen as providing significant assistance to applicants who seek permanent residence in Canada

If an applicant receives a nomination, it increases the probability of them being admitted entry to Canada. Through such nominations, the applicant will earn 600 Express Entry Points.

Canada Business Visa

This visa enables individuals to enter Canada in order to partake in business with a Canadian company. These visas are only temporary, and will permit that the applicant can stay in Canada for a maximum of 6 months.

In order to qualify under this route, one will need to show that you own, or are an employee of an organization in Pakistan and have proof of the relationship that you have established with your Canadian business department.

Study in Canada

These visas are specific to students who wish to enroll with a Canadian institution. In order for an individual to be eligible under this route, the institution must be classified as a ‘Designated Learning Institution’ (DLI). These are educational facilities that have been approved by the provincial or territorial government to enroll international students.

In order to apply the applicant must hold a valid acceptance letter from a DLI. They must be over the age of 18 and prove that their stay in Canada is temporary and that they will return home to Pakistan when their visa is over.

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Canada visit visa

A Canada Visit Visa enables an individual to visit Canada on a temporary basis for either tourism or in order to visit family. In order to be successful, one will need to prove that they have sufficient finances to maintain themselves for the entirety of their stay. One will also need to evidence their ties to Pakistan in order to lay clear their intentions to return. If visiting family, you will need to further evidence your relationship to them and their immigration status in Canada.

Canada family visa

If a family member lives in Canada and holds permanent residence or Canadian citizenship, they could be able to sponsor you to enter and live in Canada. Relationships that are eligible under such visa routes include:

  • Spouses
  • Common law partners
  • Children
  • Parents
  • Grandparents
  • Other relative (however only where very specific criteria is met)

Under each of the routes specified above, there will be differing thresholds that the applicant will need to meet. As a result, it is key that you are comprehensively advised on the documents that you will need to provide and what you will need to declare in order for the application to stand the best prospect of success.

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